The Mystery of Transcription

transcription original
” Anglo Norman- Marie of France’s Yonec” Original Text
Transcription on paper


Transcription on Word Document:


B – tlawrge loee

B- t left tais auca

y- t euote teucee

Pour dieu or entreures

tueltrous gueus t tens

C- autot coulaquini

s- es dzois lougaus waris

B- eues uertus ifia

y- eroy TepaunoisC- an teles wis daureut

z- es aueles tous dis

Pour quou auoit loueties

Plutours touleurs tres gŭs

ois acola la toute

S-OB- u. peus enfans

t- baica tendzeurent

a- outs tu lous auer lolans

s- ozs ataunt tou mass

Reflection on the process:

I always thought that transcription is easy because you’re basically copy pasting the text available to a different remediation. However, this thought had a 180 degrees turn when I decided to transcribe “Anglo Norman-Marie of France’s Yonec”, which was originally written on animal skin.

First, I transcribed it on paper, and then typed it on a word document. Surprisingly, the text was in French and I only knew that when I transcribed it on paper. It made the process even more difficult because I come from an English background and I know a bit of “Franҫais”. I can only read the language and say ” Je m’appelle Rayyane”. So, I had no idea what I was writing because I simply could not understand the words. Second, there are some artistic drawings like the letters “P”, “L” and “N”. I’m not sure if they’re originally there to start the sentence or for some other reason. When I wrote them down, I just assumed that they’re letters that start the sentence. Second, what made the process difficult is that the letters were stuck together. When I transcribed it with my own hand writing, it was not a problem because I can always imitate the original text. However, I tripped when I had to type it on a word document. Also, you can notice in my first transcription on paper that I scratched the first five lines, and rewrote them again on the right side in an apparent way. This is because I was trying to imitate the original 100% since I couldn’t recognize some letters. Last but not least, I found it difficult to type it on a Word Document because I couldn’t find some letters. I had to insert some symbols which are not visible here on WordPress.

Besides all the shortcomings that I faced in this process, I definitely want to do it again! It feels more like “loaning words” than of “transcription” because I’m borrowing the words available and I’m trying to do something new with them by placing them in a different medium.


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